Preparing Primal Food

I have been one of those annoying serial facebook food post pests of late.

You know the people that cant eat anything without taking a grainy photo and snapping it to their wall or linking it to a random comment.

While it can be – most often – is annoying, there are times these photos might also help. If you are anything like me (there is a scary thought) when you first tried to go primal you went a little rabid by mistake. You needed planning, you need preperation, you needed guidenace. The moment that was taken from you the pantry and the fridge and the freezer turned into evil sugar holding zombies waiting to attack.


There are LOADS of places you can get help.

Tons of receipes (try the new world google) if you search for them and need to plan them step by step. But again, if you are like me, you can, but dont always, and sometimes dont want to, follow a reciepe.

I personally dont always have every time of vegetable in my house and when my spice rack runs dry of one, I try to substitute for another. I improvise. My improvisiation led me to that annoying photo bombing of food on other people’s walls, and eventually a comment was made that perhaps I should start a receipe section on my blog.


Not sure if it was a polite way of saying “there are only so many photos of eggs one person can take” or if it was real encouragement, but either way it lead me here.

In the week or so I have been left to fend for my primal self after the 30 day challenge I have found times when improvisation was needed, and that it actually worked.

Of course there are some staples you must have, and others you must stay away from, but largely you can mix and match and make food just like you would have before grains were greedy, gluten ghastly and sugar was actually satan in disguise.

Now lets just put some perspective in place. I am not Jamie Oliver, Ramsey would not have me in his kitchen and Masterchef contenstants would laugh me off a mystery box challenge. But thats the point.

If I can do it, then you can too


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