The Primal Challenge Day 4

Dinner last night and I was almost the victim of foul play in the form of deceptive trickery!

Determined to pick myself off the self pity indulged ground I found myself in yesterday, I rushed home with renewed vigor to serve up a delectable dish of organic chicken curry and vegetables.

The chicken was frying in some coconut oil (although I have only managed to find the spray not the full oil so happy for you drop me some suggestions here) while I began slicing the zucchini, sweet potato and red onion. Lots of turmeric bit of garlic and I was away. The delicious aroma filled the kitchen and even reached my TV watching, couch sitting husband, who in his entire clean eating nativity raised his eyes and remarked about how something smelt good. The panic of yesterday’s paleo apocalypse forgotten I was again in a happy place and prepping to see the week out.

Time for the coconut milk to turn this simple chicken dish into something even a budding masterchef would be proud of. I have always kept coconut milk in the pantry so this dinner was not even worrying me. I pulled out a can from the stock, ignoring the chick peas and four bean mix that were eyeing me with fancy from the back corner, and I was good to go!

But my new found habit of checking the labels carefully including the ingredient list and nutritional information led me to spin the can around before popping the easy to open top and check what the tinned goodness would actually give me.

And there hidden among the heart tick of approval logo and the ‘92% less saturated fat’ call out – that should have been my first warning –  I spotted it. This was not real coconut milk but a cheap (or not so cheap) imposter attempting to seduce me to use him instead. This Nestle Carnation Light and Creamy Coconut Flavoured Cooking Milk was simply hiding its true identity by flavouring skim – not dairy free, not even full fat – milk.

Like an internet dater who had been chatting to a fake profile picture for six months I was outraged by the deception and my own naivety and stupidity.

I promptly put the can back next to his already solitude sentenced friends Mr Chickpea and Four Bean (I probably should have donated them somewhere) and stood staring blankly into the pantry trying to find a substitute for my chicken curry that was suitable for human consumption.

I jumped from the pantry to the fridge, staring blankly into both, arms twitching by my side in the first signs of panic before I made the snap decision that there was nothing else in my house I could use for this chicken curry and instead it would become baked turmeric chicken and vegetables.

The vegetables went in the pan, the oven was preheated and when the temperate was right I added a little water to before it went in to keep the chicken moist. 

Deep breaths, everything was fine…..

A few snow peas for crunch, the turmeric and garlic mixed with the water just enough to make a slight sauce and dinner was served. Mr ‘I still don’t know you are on paleo’ moved from the couch to the table and devoured the dinner – that actually was quite nice – with enthusiasm.

And for the second time this week, I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

So chuffed and spurred on by my now creative paleo cooking, I went one step further and prepped for my breakfast with my own type of ‘hide the greens smoothie’. Not having the beetroot or kale that Primal Junctions MOD suggested, I used celery, mixed frozen berries, water, banana and instead of macadamia nuts (didn’t have those either) added some almond meal for a bit of wow factor – hopefully that is ok.

And wow it was. Almost had some for dessert and wished I did because in slight brain fade, instead of putting my air tight container (that happens to be a left over sangria bottle but please don’t judge) with my weeks breakfast in the fridge ready for tomorrow I put it in the freezer….

Yeah not so chuffed now.

Nor was I when I took it out of the freezer at 5:15 this morning and realized there was no way this berry goodness was going to be in a drinkable format by 8am.

Lucky I had the left over frittata in the wings. Its 12:07 and I’m still waiting…. But maybe for an afternoon snack?  

Not the best start to day 4…..

But a few good learning’s from yesterday’s Day 3 Challenge

  1. Read the labels!!
  2. Don’t get too ahead of yourself… small steps
  3. and don’t freeze smoothies!

945698_10200482700364910_832898539_n smoothie



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