The Primal Challenge Day 3

Dinner. Out. With friends. Food. And wine. And I survived!

I had booked the Meat & Wine Co before the challenge, but was not overly worried about what I would eat – odds were I could get stuck into the meat and leave out the wine. Without sounding like a moderate to heavy alcoholic, it was the wine that was my biggest worry.

I quite clearly voiced my ‘I’m off the grog’ mantra, laughed at the pregnancy remarks (that indecently only ever come from men, but that is also a different blog post, mantra and rant) and watched as everyone else ordered a good bottle of red to join their cut of meat, and instead drank about a liter of sparkling mineral water. I drank so much of it my nose began to twitch and my stomach flutter and for fear of burping and not being able to stop I switched mid meal to tap water. But more importantly my wine glass stayed empty, and I was silently pretty chuffed with myself.

If I’m honest, I didn’t even find it that hard. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, its only day three.

The food was also an easier option than I thought. The menu quite clearly outlined which cuts were grain fed and which were grass (tick) and the waitress did not even bat an eyelid when I refused the chunky golden goodness of chips and instead offered a side salad. She even smiled sweetly when I asked for no dressing on the salad (keep that potentially rancid oil away from me) and held the smile when I asked could they steam some vegetables and hold the butter.

Their website even claims “The Meat & Wine Co Hawthorn East is pleased to offer Gluten Free, Nut Free and Lactose Free alternatives for those with food allergies or a specific diet to follow” And has a 16 page dietary requirement menu for you to download and check out your options before you dine. So if I had to face potential humiliation by eating out in public, this was the restaurant to do it at.

I ate my meal and watched as next to me blue steak was tipped in blue vain cheese sauce and buttery button mushrooms were found hidden in a puff of pastry, and did not even feel jealous.

Dessert time and nothing on the menu even twitched an element of desire in my now healthy being. Instead I pushed sugary goodness onto others, almost forcing our guest of honor to order something. Maybe I do still have a bit to learn…

But hey – day two, dinner two and I was already taking on a fully fledged restaurant chain!

So why then, when my alarm went off this morning at 5:20am did I let the shrilling beep go on for a moment too long, letting doubt crawl down my arm and to my alarm clock to hit the snooze button?

In that short movement from the bed to the phone next to me, my arm registered the pain from yesterday’s kettle bell swings, and my head registered a heaviness of not having a great night’s sleep, and before I could even try to talk myself out of it, the red dressed Stacey complete with a pitchfork and horns had pushed and poked the angelic me aside and I had pulled the covers up and dived back into sleep.

I’m not sure if it was that extra hour of sleep, lack of physical activity, or my body rejoicing and recoiling simultaneously at the reduction of toxins it now holds, but even after my frittata breakfast I’m feeling sluggish and my head throbs with a dull ache.

My joy at conquering dinner is forgotten as I realize my preparation for lunch is nonexistent (yikes!) and back to back meetings means a trip to the supermarket or market or ANYWHERE but the upstairs café will be tough.  Even the emergency packet of pumpkin soup in my filing cabinet that promised it was lactose and gluten free with no artificial additives has hidden potato in it.

Oh day three the challenges you bring!

My solace comes from the latest Primal Junction facebook posts that reassures me this is all NORMAL.

This is part of the detox and like any good substance addition, withdrawals and the subsequent physical and mental affects will come and go as the days and weeks do.

Preparation is a MUST so mini mental breakdowns (such as the one I am currently having) don’t take over the positive approach and strangle your clean eating goodness with recent withdrawal, shaking hands resulting in primal carnage and ultimately a challenge failure.

So lunch so far is my biggest obstacle. What can I eat that a simple café will be able to offer me? Where can I go with limited time to stock up quickly on clean eating items? And why does pumpkin soup contain potato?!

And its only day three. See I told you not to get ahead of myself….photo


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