The Primal Challenge Day 1


I spent yesterday subconsciously trying to eat everything I could that had moved its way to the “not so healthy” list of food groups.


Post Saturday’s Primal Junction seminar with Lizzy Marsh at CrossFit Hawthorn East I spent the weekend eating (and drinking) everything I could, that come Monday morning would no longer be on my shopping list.

Homemade pizza with real full of gluten pizza dough, topped with wilted baby spinach, processed prosciutto and full fat bocconcini and goats cheese.  Vegetarian lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, vanilla bean crème brulee, steak sandwich with hand cut twice cooked skin on chips, lemon grass and coriander chicken with hokkien noodles.  A full bottle of white wine (Saturday) and the sugary goodness of a few too many pints of Bulmar’s cider and another few of full strength Carlton draught (Sunday) – you can’t go to the footy and not drink –right?


Well at least for the next four weeks.

Let’s hope the winning streak of Hawthorn continues, something I am already stressed about given its Geelong v Hawks this weekend and a game that normally always drives me to drown my sorrows, but that is another blog post.

I can hear many of my friends laughing to themselves, or worse still, trying to pick up their jaws from the clean eating ground. Yes, I have succumbed. Yes me, miss “everything in moderation” that used to scoff at your decisions to go gluten free, to cut out dairy, or worse still to give up the grog, has decided to do all three.

Whether for curiosity, to awake my not so dormant competitive spirit (just try to tell me I won’t make it) or simply because then I can really argue with you about the importance of not cutting out food groups, I’m not yet sure.  All I know is that from today for the entire month of July I am doing Primal Junction, 30 Day Challenge.

And no, this is not some ruse to hide it; I am not pregnant (sorry Grandma).

But I am scared.

I am not sure what will be harder, the no dairy aspect, or the fact since looking at it, 90% of my “I thought I was healthy” diet belongs in the grains category that has now been moved to the ‘not right now’ shelf. Breakfast was muesli with yoghurt (fail) snacks were fruit and muesli bars (another fail) and dinner was pasta, rice or noodles (epic fail).

Sugar and I have never been really good friends so breaking up with the Miss Sweetener won’t be that hard when she is dancing centre stage. However reading the nutritional guides shows that the sweat assassin often pirouettes around in the background in her unhealthy tutu and finding her backstage might be a bit harder than first thought.

Alcohol is was a weekend thing, and really more of a social play. Who doesn’t love going out for dinner with a few good friends and even better wine? That reminds me, I am going out for dinner tomorrow night with a good friend, and now some so good soda water….

Again, I can hear my friends laughing, muttering in disbelief to themselves. I used to be the one to roll her eyes in annoyance when we went out for dinner and you recited to the waiter what you couldn’t eat, would cover the wine glass with your hand before they could fill it, would sit silently while the rest of us carried on and ordered dessert – now this is me!

Oh the social stigma! Maybe that is the biggest challenge more so than the food. I haven’t even told my husband yet of the change, knowing his first question will be why? And the second, what am I going to eat?

A few hours in, and only breakfast behind me I am feeling ok.  I managed to convince the work café to poach me two eggs and flagged down the barista before he had time to make my regular skinny latte, screaming like some crazed animal that I wanted a long black today and don’t even think about putting milk in my coffee!

Maybe I really have gone primal.

By lunch time I could be well and truly primitive.

Lucky I am not alone.  There is a ‘clan’ of us bound by the clean eating challenge, who I know, if need be, will join me in a soda water or kale smoothie and listen to my troubles. Bec and Lizzy from Primal Junction will feed me with their MOD (meal of the day) and answer all of my annoying and often boundary pushing question, and as a group we can experience the withdrawals of removing the processed and pasteurized and move into the new primal era.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to post every meal for each of the 30 days.

Phew I can hear your relief from here – already bored by my enthusiasm and b-grade blogging skills? Don’t worry they will taper off, remember it is only day one and everything is still new and exciting. Feel free to comment or add your own thoughts/ideas/challenges/remarks – like the blog is not that exciting to begin with.

I had to post this however as it looks incredibly tasty, and is something I would have eaten before the 30 day challenge! Which I find somewhat reassuring and take comfort that a) I was doing semi ok to begin with and b) it’s not that much of a change.

I have always been fond of the simple salad – although admittedly lamb and feta was one of my favorites. This little Tupperware container of goodness is your standard green salad with some tuna added, and a good half of some friendly fats in the form of our friend Mr Avocado.

Still feeling good and actually fuller than what I normally would at this time of the day. Having just finished lunch (another salad bonus is it takes longer to eat than your simple soup) I find currently no need to look for a greedy grains or secret sugar intake aka muesli bar.

I’m sure there are other ‘better’ lunch options, but hey its Day 1!

Lunch - Simple Salad